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Personal administrative Control Panel
to create your own personal blog,
photo gallery or business website,
WebMail accounts and forwarders.

$ (US), .net, .org, .us,
registration or renewal

and VPS hosting with webmail,
templates, DIY online CMS tools.
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BASIC PLAN: 30M/300M hosting, 2 webmail 

eXpanded Plan: 100M/1000M, 4 WM 

FAMILY PLAN: 200M/2000M, 4 WM 




Do-It-Yourself Plans

Augmenting Option: +30/300M , 
+1 WebMail account and +1 MySQL 

Unlimited* VPS Hosting:  

for each


Add-on Space & BW Increments:

NEW: Personal Webmail Account:
50M storage, webmail, forwarding, auto-response;
POP /IMAP (for Outlook, Mac Mail, iPhone, et cetera;
no banners, ads, tag lines, or "Tarket Marketing"

and up,
varies by


Specialty items (developing solutions) .

If you are a UK customer, 

What you are buying: Domain registration and fully functional www site hosting as described above for DIYrs (Do-It-Yourself); this includes, at no additional cost, online tools such as site builders, blogging software, thousands of templates, email list servers, content management systems, webmail, photo gallery software, et cetera.

We do not offer "$2.95" specials or a "Free" domain name to get your attention; and we do not tack on any charges for "extras" ("Oh, you want a steering wheel with your new car purchase?!").  FYI: ICANN's site for registrant education and ICANN's Registrant's Benefits and Responsibilities pages.

Renewal Fees: Annual registration renewal prices are the same as the fees listed above .

  • 30 day, 5 day and -3 day renewal notices are sent by email to the contact(s) of record.
  • There is a $25 reinstatement fee during the grace period after registration license expires.
  • After the grace period, if the domain name is recoverable, redemption fees start at $165.

Privacy Screening Service option: Secure your WhoIs data with an Registrar escrowed privacy screen, +$3/year/domain (straight passthrough of Registrar fee).  If desired, our affiliate B.F. Trust will provide TA (Trust Agent) unescrowed proxy/privacy screening at no additional charge—you are still responsible to keep your private contact data current.

Unlimited* VPS Hosting option: "Unlimited" space & bandwidth for an additional $145/yr.
  *Explanation: Frankly, we consider unlimited to be advertising hype or "spin" and is a misnomer because the servers have a physically limited amount of space and bandwidth speed no matter what.  We do remove the limits stipulated in the above prices and amortize the cost for the server over the customers who share the Virtual Private Server (note: the server automatically throttles/limits podcasts and streaming to ensure "equal time" ... that's the performance cost of not paying $250+ per month for a dedicated server). 

Tell us email us your needs/desires and we will suggest a tailored solution for you to consider (no charge).  NOTE: New "key word" Top Level domain names are opening up; send us your business or personal interests and we will send you some suggestions with costs.  Example:

• • •

Need help getting started or want to get online quickly? We will setup your website to get you started for a one time fee and includes full disclosure of web site control panel and email access user names and passwords — you can change your passwords after setup is complete so you are in complete control of the content using the online tools:

  • Design and setup of a Basic internet presence web site with a private webmail account is $45.
  • Design and creation of a Basic+Plus family web/blog site, with up to four pages and private webmail accounts, to get you started is $165.  NOTE: You must provide by email to us your desired content: photos, contact info, "About Us", etc.
  • FYI: Complex multipage, interactive e-commerce website design can easily cost several thousand dollars — especially if ecommerce is desired, or frequent content and/or pricing updates are needed. But with a little effort, you can DIY using the free online user-friendly non-technical tools (no "code" or programming skills required - but you will need to learn the terminology to use the tools).

• • •

Internet utilization related technical consulting services: flat rate of $165.00 US per hour (£98.00 for UK customers; no VAT, no currency exchange fees -- deposit directly into a London UK bank account).

  • There are no "dumb questions".
  • We only charge for answers (understanding your problem is our
    problem, not yours — so bear with us when we ask ignorant
    questions @ no.charge).
  • We will do our best and if we don't know, we'll tell you so.
  • We guarantee the only thing that we can really guarantee,
    our integrity.

E-Mail us your net.needs or web.wants
(tell us what you would like to see in your domain)

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